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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mala Beads

A personal mala is a wonderful addition to meditation.

How to Use

The mala is traditionally held in the right hand and used in two ways -
In one method, the mala is hanging between the thumb and the ring (third) finger. The middle (second) finger is used to rotate the mala by one bead towards oneself with each repetition of the mantra.

Mala Beads                                             Mala Beads

In the other method, the mala hangs on the middle finger, with the thumb used to rotate the one bead at a time.  the index finger is never used to touch the mala.

The practice begins at the summit bead (sumeru) and continues around the loop until the summit is reached again. The summit bead is never passed over. So if you plan to do more than 1 round, the mala is turned around to proceed again in the reverse direction.
Whenever the mala is taken up, it automatically conditions the mind to the meditative state. The mala is best kept privately in a special bag.

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